Understanding Executive Insights

    Understanding Executive Insights
    The Executive Insights feature provides quick and easy access to enterprise health information from the SysTrack Cloud Edition landing page. Executives can use this data to understand their organizational health score, gain insight into productivity impact, and determine where Digital Experience is suffering.

    What does this data mean? Health Score is the percentage of all your employees’ healthy active time versus total active time. Active time is the time spent by your employees actively using their systems, and excludes times when the systems were idle, locked, or off. We consider healthy active time to be when an employee does not face any events impacting their productivity as they use their system. 

    By default, this page gives average usage over the last 30 days, but that can be adjusted with the drop down menu at the top. 

    The health score  shows the latest health score data from trending health metrics . This includes workstations with user activity, terminal servers, and servers. You are able to see how that average health score has changed over the last five weeks. 

    Productivity Impact is the amount of time in a given week that your average employee is impacted by system issues, and not able to be fully productive. As you increase your health score, the amount of time that employees are affected by system issues will decrease, thereby increasing their productivity. The Productivity Impact in Executive Insights is a rolling 7-day average from only desktop systems, both virtual and physical, and terminal servers. Again, you can see any changes in the amount of impact time over the last five weeks. 

    Both Health and Productivity Impact are summarized in the My Groups section, with a clickable link to take you into more detailed health information in the Desktop Visualizer. 

    The Health Impact Categories area shows which Key Performance Impacts are affecting your environment. Your IT team can use SysTrack tools to troubleshoot these problems and increase your Health Score. Below, you can see the 30 day trend for those impact areas. 

    The Health Score Breakdown is a scrollable summary of impact factors as they relate to the average user’s active time. 

    The Community Benchmark section compares your health score or impacted time with other similar companies. 

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