Alarm Dashboard Configuration

    Alarms are getting triggered however not showing any data in dashboard. 

    Alarms are getting triggered but there is no data showing on dashboard. If we look at the VDI system, alarms are getting triggered however not showing in dashboard. 

    Workaround Solution 

    Below are the steps that need to be followed: 

    Open the Deploy Tool 
    Create/Edit a configuration for the SysTrack Master system. 
    Verify Enable Advanced Settings checkbox has been checked 
    Select the Policies and Settings category on the right-hand side. 
    Expand the Alarm Management group. 
    Change the Bulk Uplink Alarms Between Masters option to False (default: True) 
    Save the configuration. 

    Graphical user interface, application, table  Description automatically generated

    After the setting has been applied for Alarm configuration, we can see this folder was empty and data was not getting condense C:\Program Files\SysTrack\Agent\LsiAgent\Condense\AlmChildren.  

    Asked customer to increase the resources as File was not processing. After 24-48 hours The Alarms have started loading in the dashboard after the files processing happened. Screenshot attached for ref and issue got fixed. 

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