Glossary of Role Settings

    When creating or editing a role in the SysTrack Configure tool, there are several settings that can be enabled and/or adjusted. If you need more information on these settings, contact your Lakeside Customer Success team. 

    • Alarms: Change or enable alarm thresholds, notifications, or actions. 

    • Views: Enable visualization data that is not collected by default. 

    • Tool Schedules: Schedule automations and engagements when sensors are triggered. 

    • Survey Scheduler: Schedule surveys to be sent to users under specific conditions, such as low health scores, application usage, number of logins, or periodically. 

    • Services: Select and monitor services and applications for excessive resource usage or nontypical behavior. 

    • Application Management: Adjust application monitoring settings, such as command line recording and application focus history. 

    • Automation: Customize automation timings and prompts. 

    • Data Forwarding: Enable Splunk or OMS. 

    • Events: Monitor specific events from the Windows Events Log. 

    • Health: Adjust health thresholds or enable/disable factors that influence the health score. 

    • Inventory: Enable collection of specific inventory items from the registry, WMI subsystem, or .ini files. 

    • Logging: Adjust the level of detail of the information that the Systems Management Agent reports to log files. 

    • Performance: Enable detail data collection when device is on battery power. 

    • Port Management: Adjust data storage intervals and thresholds for Port data. 

    • Power Management: Monitor active vs. idle states of a system and put systems into hibernate or sleep modes during those idle time periods. 

    • Privacy: Limit collection of certain user data. 

    • Quality of Service: Enable prioritization of critical applications in network traffic. 

    • Scripting: Create custom alarms for application-specific monitoring. 

    • Tray App: Enable or disable tray app features and adjust settings. 

    • Variables: Adjust sensor variable thresholds. 

    • Web Management: Customize how SysTrack interacts with web browsers such as Chrome and Edge. 

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