Registering for Your Cloud Tenant with SSO SAML

    If your SysTrack Cloud Tenant has been configured for SAML authentication, please refer to the following steps.

    1. Click the Create Cloud Tenant button in your Welcome email.
    Note: This link contains time-sensitive credentials, so be sure to complete the Cloud Registration process within 7 days, or you will need to request a new link.
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    1. Fill in the Create a Tenant fields and click Create Tenant.
    The tenant may take several minutes to generate. You will receive an email with another shortcut link if you navigate away and need to come back later to complete.
    1. Once tenant loads, you can click the gear shift icon in the top right to reveal settings. Choose Configure SSO SAML.
    1. Choose your SSO Name.
    Note: SSO Name must be unique, alphanumeric, with no special characters or spaces.
    1.  Enter your SSO Login URL and Identity Provider Entity ID from your IDP.
    2. Upload the public key certificate from the IDP.
    3. Click the Save Configuration button.
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    IMPORTANT: The credentials you used to create the tenant were temporary, so this next step is critical for the future management of your new tenant.
    1. Click the Invite Others link in the Administration panel.
    2. Ensure the SAML option is selected from the drop-down menu.
    3. Enter your work email address in the field.
    4. IMPORTANT: Check the Administrators checkbox from the Group selector, as this will allow you to invite other users to the tenant.
    5. Click the Invite Users button, which will generate another email with a link to register as a user for the new Cloud Tenant. 

    IMPORTANT: Before you follow the link in the invitation email, LOG OUT of the cloud tenant with your temporary credentials.
    1. Click the link in the Registration email will direct you through the SSO protocol for your IDP.
    2. Fill out the registration information for yourself as an individual.
    3. Check the boxes to agree to the data privacy statement, Master Saas Agreement, Fair Use Policy, and Service Level Objectives.
    4. Click Register.

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    For more information on how to administer and configure your new Cloud Tenant, or if your SysTrack Cloud tenant uses AzureB2C authentication, check out the SysTrack Administrator certification course in the Lakeside Academy at

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