How to Create More Specific Sensor Notifications

    Starting with the 10.6 release, sensor notifications can be configured to activate based on multiple sensors, and even specific instances of certain sensors. 

    For example, remote workers are complaining about Microsoft Teams hanging throughout the workday, and IT wants to be notified when Teams is hanging at the same time as latency is suffering. 

    1. From the Configure Notifications page, click the plus symbol at the top of the page to create a new Notification.  

    1. In the Sensors menu, select Applications, then scroll to Application Hang. Search for and select the monitored application instance and click the Add button. 

    NOTE: Only instances that have fired in the environment within the last 30 days will appear in this drop-down list.   

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    1. Go back to the Sensor menu and change the category to End User Experience, and select Major Latency Issues, and click the Add button. 

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    1. Indicate your Activation Count, either by number of systems or percentage of systems.  

    1. Add your notification email recipients, and click Save Notification. 

    This will now send a notification when both the Application Hang sensor happens for Teams and Majory Latency issues are detected at the same time during the same reporting period, AND on the number or percentage of machines indicated in the activation count criteria. 

    All criteria must be met in order for the sensor notification to be sent. If you wanted to monitor Application Hangs OR Application Faults for Teams, you would need to create two separate notifications. 

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